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Rangers Vs. Capitals: Nicklas Backstrom Expected To Play. Mike Green Uncertain

Nicklas Backstrom expects to play Friday against the New York Rangers even after suffering a fractured left thumb Monday against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Via Washington Post's Katie Carrera, Backstrom's thumb is wrapped up with tape and gauze which he hopes won't affect his puckhandling abilities.

Meanwhile, Mike Green's status is uncertain. Green, who has missed six of the last seven games with an injury sustained from a slap shot to the face February 6, has the flu. His status will most likely be a game-time decision, but if he decides to play, his minutes might be limited.

"It's just bad timing with what I came down with," Green said. "I feel good as far as my head and my ear. It's just unfortunate I don't feel well with being sick. Today I'm a lot better than yesterday, I'll talk to the trainers here and see what they want to do and if I can play.