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NHL Trade Rumor May Have Had The Capitals Sending Alexander Semin To The Islanders

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is hearing that the #Caps offered Semin & a 3rd or 4th rounder to the Islanders for a 1st round pick, Josh Bailey, and Jason Gregoire. FWIWless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


The Washington Capitals made plenty of moves at the trade deadline, acquiring Marco Sturm, Dennis Wideman and Jason Arnott, but perhaps we could wonder what could have been. On Frozen Blog shared a possible rumor that they heard on Twitter.

Said rumor is listed above. Alexander Semin would have been sent to the New York Islanders along with a third or fourth-round draft pick in exchange for Josh Bailey, Jason Gregoire and a first-round pick. Semin, who signed a one-year extension in January, didn't grab much attention as possible trade bait, but despite that, several questions come to mind. Who is Josh Bailey? Who is Jason Gregoire? How many Russians reside on Long Island? Would anyone notice Semin on the Islanders since they have some of the worst attendance numbers in the NHL?

Those questions might not need to be answered since OFB recently posted that they heard a conflicting report.

Also hearing this RT @BDGallof 1: Semin was never in #isles sights 2: Bailey untouchable 3: Wang has nixed no deal over price/cost ...less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


I guess you could say that it's a push.