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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin And Marcus Johansson Give And Give And Give And Go Goal

Last night against the Oilers, the Capitals scored a beautiful goal that was bordering a little bit on silly. It looked more like something from Mighty Ducks than it did from an NHL Hockey Game. Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog has the video.


Alex Ovechkin gets a steal, races up ice, then engages in a nice little game of hot potato with Marcus Johansson until he is too close to the goalie to pass it again. That's when he decides to shoot it, and it ends up being a goal.

The Capitals were already up 2-0 in this game before this goal, so maybe they felt that they could get a little bit more creative with their goal scoring efforts. They certainly accomplished that.

This goal is nice, but it was the full effort that really satisfied Caps fans. It's nice to see them get a very convincing, offensively dominating performance. That's something we haven't seen too much this year.