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Alex Ovechkin Is Back On Twitter! And He Likes Charlie Sheen

With his game-winning overtime goal against the New York Islanders last night, we couldn't help but think that maybe the old Alex Ovechkin is back.  After a 13-month break, the great @ovi8 is back on Twitter!


This is clearly great news for D.C. sports fans. Ovechkin spent tonight on his laptop tweeting pictures of Phil Kessel being picked last in the draft at the NHL All-Star Game, and asking his fans where he should go to eat. Ovechkin also joked that he doesn't know who Charlie Sheen is, and then revealed that he "likes him like a actor."


This brings up an interesting thought. Alex Ovechkin and Charlie Sheen actually have a lot in common. They're both big on Twitter. They both like winning. They both like women. And they both have tiger blood. (Okay, that last one hasn't been confirmed yet.)


We think Ovechkin and Sheen should party together. In the offseason of course. We also think they should invite us.