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Alex Ovechkin Injury: Letting Ovechkin Rest Shows Playoffs Are The Priority

The Capitals announced yesterday that their star Alex Ovechkin would miss the next 7-10 days as he recovers from a myriad of apparent injuries. This is an interesting time to rest Ovechkin, with the regular season drawing to a close and potential playoff seeding still on the line, but as Puck Daddy points out, it shows where the Capitals priorities are.

Washington management is making this sound like a maintenance day down the stretch, and it's a bold time to rest him: Chasing the Flyers, holding a not-that-insurmountable five-point lead in the Southeast and, let's face it, playing a nationally televised game for the NHL's U.S. cable partner.

But it also shows the Capitals have a laser-focus on the playoffs this season, from their deadline acquisitions to resting a player that seemingly never needs it.

I don't think any Capitals fans want to see them lose any games (particularly on National television), but if the reason is to be more prepared for the playoffs, I think it is something that fans will be able to understand.