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Alex Ovechkin's Injury Had Been Bothering Him For Two Months

Well, we still don't know exactly what kind of injury is causing Alex Ovechkin to miss 7-10 days of action. The original diagnosis was that the Capitals were just giving their star some time off to fully recover from a collection of minor injuries so that he would be fresh for the playoffs. Now, it turns out that Ovechkin might have been suffering the effects of these injuries for longer than we know.

Ovechkin said the injury has been bothering him for two months. Said it was a tough decision to rest now, idea was brought up 2 wks earlier.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

The most surprising thing about this is that Ovechkin has been starting to play pretty well recently. So if he could perform that well with an injury bugging him, one has to assume that a little time off to heal will do wonders for his game.