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Alex Ovechkin And Jason Arnott Both Skate Before Capitals Practice

The Capitals have been without some of the bigger stars for the last few weeks now, but it appears like those players are starting to get healthy. According to Katie Carrera at the Washington Post, both Alex Ovechkin and Jason Arnott both went through a "brisk workout" before the rest of the Capitals practiced this morning.

Both Alex Ovechkin and Jason Arnott skated with strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish prior to the regular practice this morning. It appeared to be a rather brisk workout for both players, with plenty of stop-and-start style drills. Ovechkin wore knee-shin pads under warmup gear while Arnott didn’t wear any pads. They were on the ice for about 20-30 minutes.

Mike Green did not participate in this workout, or in practice in general, as he is still recovering from the concussion he suffered in February. The main reason that Ovechkin was put on the shelf was to get him some rest, so I wouldn't expect to see him rushed back into the lineup any time soon. They might also take the same approach with Arnott. So it is a good sign that they are skating, but I'm not sure if it means a return is on the horizon.