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Washington Capitals Injuries: TSN Report Claims Dennis Wideman In Hospital With Leg Injury

A report released by TSN's Bob McKenzie claims that Washington Capitals defenseman Dennis Wideman is currently in the hospital with a "significant leg hematoma" as a result of his collision with the Carolina Hurricanes' Tuomo Ruutu in Tuesday's 3-2 shootout loss.

A hematoma is caused by a contusion where blood escapes or leaks from an artery, vein or capillary into soft tissue, such as a muscle, where it does not belong.

It can cause significant swelling and pressure, which often times can only be released by making an incision to drain the blood from the soft tissue.

Wideman lost an edge during the second period of Tuesday's game and ran into Ruutu. Wideman would leave the game and did not return. He was formally listed as "week-to-week" by the team early Thursday.

"I think we're all kind of surprised what kind of injury it turned into," Mike Knuble said. "He could be gone a couple weeks, he could be gone a lot longer."

Knuble candidly commented that Wideman has been sending in pictures of his injury, which Knuble called "pretty graphic."

"He's been firing off some pictures," Knuble said. "It's pretty grotesque how [Wideman] is opened up right now."