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2011 NHL Playoffs, Rangers Vs. Capitals: Bruce Boudreau Mum On Mike Green's Status

Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau addressed the media briefly before Wednesday's Game 1 against the New York Rangers and provided little to no information regarding the status of Mike Green.

"Maybe," Boudreau said after being asked if Green would play tonight for the first time since February 25. "We'll talk to him after warm-ups."

Yet, what he did elaborate on were his feelings about the Caps' collective psyche as they head into another first-round series.

"This is what hockey people live for," Boudreau said. "It only happens once a year. A lot of the time, most teams and individuals have to wait 11, 12 months. The lucky ones only have to wait 10 months. For us, this is what eight months of preparation and hard work has come to."

When asked about the difference in his nerves between last year's Game 1 and Wednesday's Game 1, Boudreau said he couldn't remember.

"I think you'll get two teams that are really giving it everything they've got," Boudreau said. "We've made adjustments. We're a different team. We play a different way and we have a different opponent than we did last year. I think I've made changes accordingly to that."