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VIDEO: Rangers Players Definitely Appear To Be Targeting Mike Green


One of the major points of contention between games in the Capitals vs. Rangers 2011 NHL Playoffs first-round series is the idea that the Rangers are targeting Capitals' defensemen Mike Green. Green missed the majority of the second half of the season after suffering an apparent concussion, returning only before the first game of the playoffs.

On Monday, coach Bruce Boudreau said the Rangers are definitely targeting Green, calling one Marc Staal hit on him "dirty."

"But it shouldn't be forgotten and it wasn't the only time they targeted Mike's head," Boudreau continued. "They targeted it a few times. That's what we want to get out of the game."    

Now, thanks to @KellieCowan for CSN Washington and Skate Skate Shoot, we have video evidence of Boudreau's claims. Yup, looks pretty blatant to me. We can all focus on Boudreau's other remarks about New York, but these ones seem to have a more direct impact on the game.

Rangers coach John Tortorella, meanwhile, said the Capitals are "whining." Remind me to give you a waterbottle when you come back to D.C., John.