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NHL Playoffs 2011, Rangers Vs. Capitals: Bruce Boudreau Knows Lucky Bounces Can Change Series

In a brief, one-minute press conference, Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau gave his thoughts on how Saturday's Game 5 with the New York Rangers might play out.

"I think in the end, it's going to be who wins more one-on-one battles and like a lot of games, who's going to win the special teams," Boudreau said. "The third thing if you were going to ask me after watching the first four games is who gets the break, who gets the lucky bounce. That's the way this series is going and so I assume it's going to continue going like that."

A lot of history will come into play Saturday. The Caps have had nine 3-1 series leads in seven-game series in franchise history, but have blown that lead four times. Also, if the Caps and Rangers play yet another scoreless first period, their fifth of the series, it will set a NHL playoff record for most scoreless first periods in a single series. The Caps are 2-7 on home ice in franchise history when they have a chance to close out an opponent.