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Donald Brashear Is Becoming An MMA Fighter

For three years, Donald Brashear provided the grit, toughness and (insert cliche here) for the Washington Capitals during their rise to the top of the Eastern Conference. Now, he's providing those same qualities in another arena: mixed martial arts. Brashear, 39, has signed on with the Canadian-based Ringside promotion for one fight at a date to be determined. It could be as soon as June 4, in Quebec City's Ringside 11.

Via Bloody Elbow, by way of MMA Diehards:

Former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear is taking his game to MMA after officially signing with the Canadian-based Ringside promotion, has learned.

Brashear is signed for one fight, but the contract could be for as many as three matches.

This seems like a pretty obvious transition, all things considering. This gives us an excuse to post this video again, and we'll gladly take advantage of it. I'm guessing Brashear will take down his opponent with a similar move in the ring.