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Rangers Vs. Capitals: Mike Green Takes Slap Shot To Head, Return Questionable

Mike Green had another scary moment involving a slap shot in the Capitals' 2011 NHL Playoffs Game 5 against the New York Rangers on Saturday. The Capitals' defensemen took another slap shot to the face, and was taken out of the game after lying on the ice for several minutes. His return is questionable.

Green was laying out on the ground to block a shot by Doug Gilroy. Gilroy's shot nailed Green in his helment, removing two screws in the process. Green did walk off on his own power, though, which is a good sign for his health.

The injury is particularly scary for Green because he missed most of the second half of the season after suffering a concussion stemming from an incident where he had a slap shot nail him in the face in a Super Bowl Sunday game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It is not known whether Green went through the standard 15-minutes-in-a-quiet-room process that the NHL mandates for anyone who has concussion syndromes.