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POLL: Help Us Pick Donald Brashear's Best Fight

With the news that Donald Brashear is making a run at being an MMA fighter, it's time to poll everyone on something that's already being discussed on Twitter. As Chad Dukes writes, the sport should embrace Brashear for his potential to bring in new fans to the sport. We agree. However, in order to prove that Brashear is up to snuff, we have to demonstrate to the MMA skeptics that he can, in fact, fight.

So, as part of that process, we're going to post clips of some of Brashear's best fights. Then, we're going to poll you over which one is the best. Let us know which Brashear fight was your favorite below the jump. Also, let us know if we missed any epic fights, which I'm sure we did because we are talking about Donald Brashear.

(Thanks to Japers Rink and's Corey Masisak for help with the nominations).

Brashear vs. RIley Cote

Brashear vs. Chris Neil

Brashear vs. Brian McGratten

Brashear vs. Brendan Shanahan

Brashear vs. Dennis Bonvie

Brashear vs. Georges Laraque