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Lightning Coach Guy Boucher On Capitals: 'If They Don't Win, It's A Failure'

Let the gamesmanship in the Capitals vs. Lightning 2011 NHL Playoffs second-round series begin! In the last series against the Rangers, it was Bruce Boudreau who threw everyone for a loop by attacking Madison Square Garden. This time, it's the other team's coach that is getting this all started.

Tampa Bay coach Guy Boucher was asked about the Capitals on Thursday, and his answer sure was interesting. First, he said the Capitals have no weaknesses, comparing them to Goliath while his Lightning are David. He said the Lightning are "naggers biting at their ankles" and that his team needed to "get their slingshots ready." Seems pretty nice. But ... ah, here's the rub. Via ESPN's Scott Burnside.

"If they don't win, it's a failure," Boucher said.

Just like the failure of 2009 against the Penguins, coach? Just like the failure of 2010 against the Canadiens? Are you saying the Capitals are, gasp, under pressure.

"Pressure is what I put in my tires," he insisted innocently.

I see what you're doing here. Bruce, please respond by calling out the St. Pete Times Forum and wondering why they are prioritizing a graduation over playoff hockey. Thanks!

UPDATE: Nevermind, Boudreau did better.

Bruce Boudreau on Guy Boucher's "Goliath" comments. "If Goliath is 6-6 then David is 6-5 and-a-half."less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply