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NHL Playoffs: How The Playoff Picture Looks Today

The NHL Playoffs are just over a week away, and the picture gets a little bit clearer every day. Let's take a look at the teams currently in the playoffs, who they have left on the schedule, and who they would play if the Playoffs started today.

Philadelphia Flyers - 103 pts.

Games Left: Senators, Sabres, Islanders

Slated To Play: Sabres

Washington Capitals - 103 pts.

Games Left: Maple Leafs, Panthers (2)

Slated To Play: New York Rangers

Pittsburgh Penguins - 100 pts.

Games Left: Devils, Islanders, Thrashers

Slated To Play: Canadiens

Boston Bruins - 99 pts.

Games Left: Islanders, Senators, Devils

Slated To Play: Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning - 99 pts.

Games Left: Sabres, Panthers, Hurricane

Slated To Play: Bruins

Montreal Canadiens - 91 pts.

Games Left: Blackhawks, Senators, Maple Leafs

Slated To Play: Penguins

New York Rangers - 91 pts.

Games Left: Thrashers, Devils

Slated To Play: Capitals

Buffalo Sabres - 90 pts.

Games Left: Lightning, Flyers, Blue Jackets

Slated To Play: Flyers