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'24/7 Penguins-Capitals, Road To The Winter Classic' Wins Sports Emmy

In what is probably not a surprise to anyone who watched any of the episodes, HBO's "24/7 Penguins-Capitals, Road to the Winter Classic" won a Sports Emmy on Monday night for Outstanding Edited Sports Special. The four-week show took viewers inside the lead-up to the January 1 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh, following both the Capitals and Penguins as they prepared for the big game.

The show was tremendous, of course, and deserved to win. It also got the benefit of some good timing, as it captured the Capitals right at their lowest moment, when they went through a long losing streak in December and began to change their style. It also helped that they got it together and eventually won the Winter Classic.

The show beat out "24/7: Floyd Mayweather/Shane Mosley," "Bill Parcells: Reflection of a Life in Football," "I Scored A Goal" and "Red Bull Young" to win the honor. To celebrate, we're going to post our favorite clip of the series one more time. Beware: the language is well above PG-13 level.