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VIDEO: Bruce Boudreau To Reporter: 'Is Your Job On The Line?'

Bruce Boudreau is under a lot of pressure as the coach of the Washington Capitals right now. His team, one that has chronically underachieved in the postseason under him, is one loss away from getting upset before the conference finals for the third straight season. Naturally, that'll lead to some obvious questions about Boureau's own future as the team's coach.

Before the playoffs, he flipped out on Mike Wise of 106.7 The Fan when he asked Boudreau about this subject. Now, the question was asked again, and he was even more dismissive. (Fast forward to the 2:15 mark).

"Listen, you guys have been asking that [all season]. Is your job on the line? I don't want to answer that."

Then, as the next question was being asked, Boudreau muttered, under his breath, "Stupid question. Stupid." Unfortunately, because he was in front of a microphone, everyone heard it.

Asking someone about their own job security is always awkward. That said, Boudreau is way out of line to question a media members' job security, then call him stupid in front of his peers. A simple "No comment" would have been more appropriate.