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Mike Knuble Thinks There Will Be Changes To Capitals Next Year

After the Playoffs started off so good against the New York Rangers, the Capitals are forced to spend another Summer thinking about what might have been. They were swept out of the second round by the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday night, which means that only the golf course awaits.

The only question that remains to be asked, is if the management of this team will try to make some major changes on this team which has disappointed over the course of the last two years. According to Dan Daly at the Washington Times, Mike Knuble is expecting some things to be different.

"Will there be changes? Of course," Knuble said. "There’ll be different faces next year. That’s a guarantee."

While I believe that some changes will be made (you have to) I don't think the team will look drastically different next year than this. Ted Leonsis built this team slowly, and I can't imagine that he would be the type to just make a ton of quick fixes over the course of the Summer. I'm sure that they will be proactive in trying to find some help this Summer, but I'm not sure if that means the team will undergo a complete overhaul.