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NHL Draft 2011: Who Will George McPhee, Washington Capitals Take?

Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee is the consummate poker player; he rarely shows his hand when it comes to trades and always keeps his poker face intact. McPhee's reserved nature was on display yet again when he sat down with Mike Vogel to discuss the 2011 NHL Draft, which begins Friday at 7 p.m.

McPhee has been open with his feelings that he is not particularly enthused about this year's draft class. And while talking with Vogel, McPhee was not revealing much of anything:

"When we get to our pick, we'll take whoever the best player is whether it's a forward or a defenseman or a goalie."

But who will that pick be? We won't know until late Friday, but extrapolating history might be a way to narrow things down.

The Caps have made 47 total first round draft picks in franchise history and 18 have been defensemen, most among any position. Defensemen outnumber centers (14), left wings (9), right wings (4) and goaltenders (2).

While it may seem that most of the Caps' first round draft picks have come from Europe (especially Russia), that is not true. Sixteen of Washington's first round picks have come from the Western Hockey League, which beats out the Ontario Hockey League (13) and Europe/Russia (10).

If history holds. look for the Caps to take a WHL defenseman. Duncan Siemens, anybody?