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Alex Ovechkin Has A Direct Line To Vladimir Putin

Of course he does. Via a translated interview on, as found by Sarah Schorno Kogod of Capital Games:


In a translated interview with, Ovi revealed this gem: He has a direct line to Vladimir Putin, who may or may not be the most interesting man in the world.


"But it's not his cell phone number, but rather his home phone," he explained. "I call him often. But Putin is never at home. So far I haven't managed to talk to him yet!"


There are so many questions that need to be answered here, such as:

  1. How often does Ovechkin actually call?
  2. ↵
  3. What kinds of messages is Ovechkin leaving?
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  5. What does Ovi actually want to talk to Putin about?
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  7. Why is Putin not returning Ovechkin's calls?
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  9. What is Putin doing anyway?
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  11. Is there any way we can get our hands on these voice mails? Please? Pretty please? I'll pay whatever is needed.
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