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Ted Leonsis Is Pretty Pumped To Have Brooks Laich Back

On the heels of re-signing forward Brooks Laich to a six-year extension, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis took to his blog and posted some serious positive vibes about his team’s newest long-term investment.

The man upstairs had this to say about Laich, whom the Capitals first acquired by trading the former face of their franchise, Peter Bondra.

He is a talented multi-purpose player with high integrity and a great motor. He loves our city and our fan base. I am grateful that he has shown his belief in our team and that he is dedicated to doing whatever possible to help us achieve all of our collective aspirations.

At $27 million, it’s good that Leonsis is happy with his investment. Shoring up Laich’s future with the team is hopefully a positive step toward the Caps’ first Stanley Cup title.

Hopefully, everyone will be as happy with this contract six years from now as they are today.