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Former Washington Capitals Enforcer Donald Brashear Wins MMA Debut

One of the NHL's all-time best enforcers tried his hand at a new career Saturday evening, with stellar results. Donald Brashear, a Washington Capital for three seasons, and owner of 2,634 penalty minutes in 1,025 National Hockey League games, destroyed Mathieu Bergeron at the Ringside MMA event in Quebec City.

To call this a fight is a stretch, as Brashear decked Bergeron with a right hook moments after the opening bell, then proceeded to chase and pummel him until the referee had to stop the fight 21 seconds in. For video of this buttkicking (technical term) click here for the clip. Or visit our friends at Kings of Leonsis, who seem to have the Zapruder film version of Brashear's fight.

Via the Winnipeg Free Press, it sure sounds like Brashear has found a new gig post-hockey:

It also felt like I was home," he added. "As soon as I got in there (the cage), I was comfortable."

Brashear, who has a three fight contract, said that he will "certainly" fight MMA again.

"I'm having fun learning it," he said. "I haven't done much fighting yet. I love learning it and the fight was fun."

I can't be the only one thinking it would be nice to see Brashear chase Marty McSorley around that cage, right? With similar results to McSorley's physical well being?