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2011 NHL Free Agency: Former Capitals Disappointment Jaromir Jagr Signs With Philadelphia Flyers

Finally, the silly Jaromir Jagr bidding war has ended. No, he did not return to the Washington Capitals, which is something nobody should have figured would happen. Instead, he has signed with the rival Philadelphia Flyers, inking a one-year, $3.3 million contract.

Jagr's former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, were poised to bring him back, but the Flyers entered the bidding late and offered significantly more money. Jagr has been playing in Russia since 2008, his final year with the New York Rangers. He made his name playing with the Penguins before cashing in with an astronomical contract with the Capitals in 2001. He was a major disappointment here and was eventually dealt to New York.

Given his failure in D.C., there wasn't a chance he was coming back, though that didn't stop some from speculating about a possible reunion.

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