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Bruce Boudreau Says Tomas Vokoun Is Capitals' Starting Goalie ... In July

The Washington Capitals-osphere is up in arms on Monday afternoon because of some comments coach Bruce Boudreau made at the team's Development Camp earlier in the day. Boudreau, naturally, was asked about whether his team's starting goalie would be holdover Michal Neuvirth or newcomer Tomas Vokoun, and he was as explicit as he probably could have been given the circumstances. Via Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times.

"I think we're always gonna play who we think is the best," Boudreau said. "But if you're looking at a guy that's had the experience and done everything and been a No. 1 goalie, you gotta give Vokoun the respect that he's coming in and he's gonna be the No. 1 guy, and we'll see where it goes from there."

Since goalie controversies are the Capitals' version of the Redskins' quarterback controversies, there's already been a ton of reaction, with people essentially lining up on either #teamneuvy or #teamvokoun. Thankfully, Japers Rink came through with a dash of realism: it's July, and none of this really matters. So Capitals fans, all you need to do is look at the calender, then look at it again, and acknowledge that reality.