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Tomas Vokoun Nearly Went To Detroit Red Wings Instead Of Capitals

Tomas Vokoun was expected to get far more money in free agency than what he ultimately got with the Washington Capitals, but since the market dried up and the Capitals are close to a Stanley Cup, Vokoun signed on for $1.5 million. At the time, it seemed like the Capitals were his only suitor.

However, in an interview with iSport in the Czech Republic, Vokoun hinted at there being a second interested team: the Detroit Red Wings. Below the jump is a rough translation, via Google Translate:

"You know what, I'm thirty-five years I have slowly behind him 700 games in the NHL. Other keepers have been gone. I'm not complaining. But I was disappointed how the situation evolved. I did not get a single offer. No one! Then at the end came the Detroit and Washington. That was all. "

At the same time nor interest in Detroit was not hot, at least according to what is reported in local media ...
"No, no, I officially sent the offer, but I eventually agreed with Washington. Thus it was resolved. "

Detroit's loss is the Capitals' gain. The whole interview is worth reading, but that's the part that jumps out.

(HT: Japers Rink)