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Chris Bourque Returns To Capitals After Criticizing Them Last Time

Chris Bourque is a familiar face to Washington Capitals fans, having won three Calder Cup trophies for the Hershey Bears in 2006, 2009 and 2010. He was also the MVP in 2010, and he was hoping he'd get more of a look with the parent club. Instead, he didn't and went to Russia for a season.

Oh yeah, and he bashed the Capitals on his way out in an interview with a Russian publication.

But then finally the Capitals offered you a contract. Why did you decide to move to Russia?
Bourque: "Things were going the way that I'd not get a spot with the Capitals. I have won everything in the AHL - like the Calder Cup and the playoffs MVP. Besides I was soon to reach the age limit, which would mean I'd have to part ways with the AHL. And since I wasn't completely sure that I'd make the first team, I decided to move to Russia. I got sick of constantly waiting for my chance and then being used to plug holes in the roster."

I guess it didn't take long for Bourque to get sick of the alternative. Here's to time healing all wounds.