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Alex Ovechkin Says He's Begun His Offseason Training Earlier

Here's some good news for Washington Capitals fans: Alex Ovechkin is on an accelerated training program. After struggling through his worst season of his career last year, there were whispers that Ovechkin wasn't in peak physical condition. In an attempt to change that, Ovechkin told Russian paper SovSport that he has begun his training earlier than he did last year.

Alex Ovetjkin has the full transcript.

Isn't it too early?
This summer I've intentionally started earlier. Last year I started training on August 1st, this year on July 20.

Last season was so-so... It seemed that I also was training well, but ... It was evident that something went not right. So I learn from my mistakes and decided to do more. In order not to repeat the bad season, it is necessary to change something. So I began restructuring from the very first stage of training.

Here's hoping this training pays off in a better season for Ovechkin and his teammates.