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Ted Leonsis Defends Alexander Semin, Declines To Address Comments Against Him

Ted Leonsis went on Elliot in the Morning on DC 101 on Tuesday and did what he is supposed to do: defend one of his players from external criticism. Of course, we're talking about Alexander Semin, the Capitals' winger who has been bashed by former teammates Matt Bradley and David Steckel for his dedication to the game. Anyway, here's Leonsis' answer, via Capitals Insider.

"I think it’s best we all look forward. I don’t think it’s appropriate ever to talk about a player on another team. I just wanna talk about our players, and I think that we have a really really good team."

Leonsis later says he's an Alex Semin "supporter."

Now, it's pretty clear that Leonsis is saying that it would be inappropriate for him to talk about players on other teams, but of course, that didn't stop Bradley and Steckel from speaking their mind. Read another way, you could argue that there's a point being made here that Bradley and Steckel were out of line.