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Capitals Preseason: Ice Conditions At First Mariner Arena Lead To Slow-Paced Game

The Capitals were in Baltimore on Tuesday for a preseason game against the Nashville Predators, but the conditions of the ice they were playing on prevented the game from being a great representation of NHL Hockey for a City that doesn't have a team. According to Steve Whyno of the Washington Times, the 1st Mariner Arena, where the event was played, the building was simply too warm and the ice was not great to play on.

It was very warm. It was like Winter Classic game,”captain Alex Ovechkin. “You can see the ice was not that good and between the boards and ice there was lots of holes. But it is what it is. We just play over it.”

The slippery conditions and on-ice puddles led to a very slow game. Ovechkin even said that the possibility of getting injured a little bit more, particularly when he was heading to the boards where the conditions were especially bad. Luckily, no one got hurt as a result of the ice conditions, and the only real issue was that the people of Baltimore didn't get quite as good a game as they deserved.