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VIDEO: Washington Capitals Convention Draws A Crowd

For Washington Capitals fans, Saturday was a great day. The team hosted the Caps Convention in downtown D.C. and according to team owner Ted Leonsis, more than 6,500 people attended. The biggest draw had to be international star Alex Ovechkin, though many more players and Caps alumni were hanging out with the fans as well.

Here's a cool Caps produced video after the jump.

The video shows all the games and autograph sessions available for fans. It also shows how many people were there, with an unscientific estimate of 95% rocking the red. The Caps continue to be the most fan-friendly, well-marketed team in this city. A certain Ashburn based team would do well to take notice.

Alex Semin attended and hung out with fans. It was good to see Semin included after a rocky few months following the departure of Matt Bradley and some ugly comments he made towards Semin on his way out.

The Caps Convention also suggests that a Wiz Convention could happen someday considering Leonsis now owns both. Any guess how many people would show up to a Wiz Convention? Maybe they could set up a game of 1-on-1 with Muggsy and Big Gheorghe. For that, I would absolutely be there.