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Washington Capitals Introduce White Netting, Fan Reaction Largely Negative

You probably didn't notice because there was a Washington Redskins game happening, but the Capitals played their first home game of the NHL preseason on Monday night. During the game, the team unveiled new white netting above the boards, which you can see photos of here. The purpose of the netting, according to Mike Vogel, was to help fans follow the puck and make it easier for TV.

The white netting will replace the black Kevlar nets that were installed following a league-mandated policy in 2002. The white nets will help fans to follow the puck and will improve fan visibility on television.

All logical. So how did fans react? Well, not so well. Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC Washington rounds up the reaction of many prominent Capitals fans on Twitter, and let's just say they weren't thrilled.

Of course, everyone hates change when it first happens, so maybe that feeling will fade. I guess time will tell.