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Washington Capitals May Remove White Netting At Verizon Center

The Washington Capitals installed a white net behind the goals at the Verizon Center for their first NHL preseason game against the Columbus Blue Jackets in an attempt to improve visibility and make it easier for television broadcasts. However, after a series of complaints by fans, the team is considering removing the netting and replacing it with the old black netting, according to Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment spokesperson Kurt Kehl said the team could change the netting as soon as for the next preseason home game on Friday.

Kehl said the team made the decision to go to the white netting because it thought it would help fans in the arena and those watching on television.

"If it doesn’t solve one of those or both of those, it’s not worth moving forward with it," he told The Washington Times. "If it’s something that’s distracting and disruptive of our fans viewing the game, we’re not going to continue with it."

Two fans complained to Whyno about the netting, while several others voiced their displeasure on Twitter.