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Alex Ovechkin Interviews On Life Are The Best Interviews

Alex Ovetjkin, the site that chronicles pretty much everything the Washington Capitals' star does, comes through with yet another translation of a hilarious Russian Ovechkin interview. In this one, you get typical stuff like his view on the season and his over-the-top praise of goalie Tomas Vokoun, but you also get stuff like this about America.

Have to say, it is very nice in America, it's incredibly comfortable to live in the country where everything is thought of. At first I was amazed that people here seemed stilled, nobody was in a hurry. Then I realized that different services have provided them with all the details, that's why Americans can afford not to hurry anywhere. They have all sorts of cool innovations.


Here, in the capital of America, you can order almost any product through the Internet, so everybody does it. It saves a lot of time. In our capital, it is not so large-scale...

That's just one highlight of the interview. Here's another. Ovechkin was asked about getting a key to Washington D.C. and what rules he implemented for his one day in charge.

And what did you do?
I declared no speed limit for motorists.

Oh! I hope no one crashed.
On the contrary, on that day there were less accidents than usual. I am confident that people in Moscow would be less likely to get into accidents if the speed limit was removed, but other traffic rules were followed.

And really, how can you argue with that logic? I guess it's the same one Americans use when talking about lowering the drinking age, in a way.

Finally, here's Ovechkin on women:

I am a family man. I do not want to be considered a womanizer or a ladies' man. I do not want to be attributed to romances that I never had. And example for me is my parents, who have created a strong family for life.

And yet who you like more, our girls or Americans?
Ours, no options. I think I will only marry a Russian, well, I mean, a girl from Russia. Russians are sincere, understanding and cook well.

To review: Ovechkin loves America, but prefers Russian women. Got it.