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Penguins Vs. Capitals: Craig Adams Had A Bad First Period For Pittsburgh

Poor Craig Adams. The Pittsburgh Penguins' right winger seems like a pleasant enough fellow, but in light of all the noise about the rivalry between the Penguins and the Washington Capitals losing its luster, someone had to make a point. The Capitals did just that in their 1-0 win on Wednesday night, and Adams took the pain.

It began very early in the game with Matt Hendricks, and it continued with star Alex Ovechkin.

With just over two minutes gone by in the game, Adams checked Hendricks into the boards, which was his first mistake. Hendricks went to fight him, Adams accepted and Hendricks ended up easily slamming him to the ground, much to the delight of the Verizon Center crowd.

But that wasn't all. Later in the period, Adams made the mistake of trying to come onto the ice with Alex Ovechkin speeding at him. He paid the price.

(via Mister Irrelevant)

For a second, I felt sorry for Adams. Then, I remembered what his team did to Jay Beagle, and I stopped feeling sorry.

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