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Alex Ovechkin May Skip All-Star Game After Three-Game Suspension, According To Report

Alex Ovechkin has been suspended for three games by the NHL for his hit over the weekend, but that suspension will not preclude him from participating in the NHL All-Star game this weekend. But that suspension does seem to have rubbed him the wrong way and he is now thinking about skipping the festivities. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN via SB Nation, he likely wouldn't be punished further by the league should he hoose to pursue that route.

Word out of Washington (Monday night) is that Alexander Ovechkin does not want to go to the All-Star Weekend as a suspended player. All accounts would lead us to believe that there's going to be some discussions (Tuesday) with Ovechkin, with the Capitals on this issue, and I would bet right now that Alexander Ovechkin is going to want to withdraw from the NHL All-Star Game.

I hope that Ovechkin doesn't make this decision just based off the anger he feels about being suspended and actually takes some time to make a rational decision.

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