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2012 NHL All-Star Game Recap: Dennis Wideman Assists In Team Chara's 12-9 Win

Team Chara came out with a 12-9 win over Team Alfredsson in the 2012 edition of the NHL's All-Star Game. Washington Capitals' defenseman Dennis Wideman got in on the scoring action late in the third period, notching a point on a secondary assist of a Jarome Iginla goal.

The assist helped give Team Chara an 11-8 lead late in the third period, as Wideman's line helped separate their team in the high-scoring affair. Wideman had just one shot on goal but saw significant action, with only team captain Zdeno Chara getting more ice time for his side. With Alex Ovechkin opting out of the game during a three-game suspension, Wideman represented the Capitals' organization well in Ottawa.

Marian Gaborik was named the MVP, with the Rangers' superstar scoring three goals and adding an assist.

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