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Winter Classic: No Official Date For Game In DC, According To Ted Leonsis

Over the Holiday weekend rumors started to emerge that the Winter Classic would be coming to the District in 2014, and that the Mall would be a potential place that the game could be held. While that would be incredible, the details of holding such a game there seemed a little bit infeasible. Capitals owner Ted Leonsis took to his blog to dispel any rumors, claiming that while he is sure a game would be played in D.C. at some point, there is no official date yet.

So – to set the record straight – there has NOT been any communication to us on a formal basis as to a Winter Classic coming to DC in a specific year. I have been told that the Winter Classic will NOT be coming to DC next year though. I have also been assured that because of the size of our fan base – and the beauty of our city – that a Winter Classic would come to Washington DC; at some point in the future. And that is good enough for me.

He went on to say that the Mall is not a possible location because of size limitations and the public nature of the park. He doesn't mention another venue that is the favorite to house such an event, but he does say there are a number of viable candidates. So while there is no agreement in place to hold a Winter Classic in D.C. at a specific date, Leonsis does not rule anything out. Except of course holding the game on the Mall.

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