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Rene Bourque To Have Disciplinary Meeting With NHL Regarding Elbow To Nicklas Backstrom

Calgary Flames forward Rene Bourque will have a disciplinary hearing with the NHL Wednesday morning regarding the elbow he delivered to the head of Washington Capitals forward Nicklas Backstrom.

During the third period of Washington's 3-1 win over Calgary Tuesday, Bourque closed in on Backstrom, lifted his elbow and hit him right in the head. Backstrom did not have control of the puck; he had passed it to Mike Knuble before Bourque made contact.

Backstrom did return to the game, however, but not for long before being taken out to undergo observation. Head coach Dale Hunter said after Tuesday's game that Backstrom was being evaluated and that more would be known Wednesday.

Backstrom's head was the principal point of contact and he did not make any sudden movements that put himself in harm's way. These facts, plus Bourque's prior history, will certainly come into play in the NHL's decision.

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