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VIDEO: Mikael Samuelsson Beats Michal Neuvirth From A Long Way Out

You knew it was going to be a bad night for the Washington Capitals when this shot went in. Michal Neuvirth was given a chance to start for the first time in a while, and definitely didn't take advantage of his opportunity. He held the Florida Panthers scoreless for one period, but just 33 seconds into the second, this happened.

That's Mikael Samuelsson firing a shot from behind the blue line and scoring it. The play was probably meant to be a dump-in or just a shot into the offensive zone to facilitate a line change. Instead, it turned into a goal, and the Capitals never led the rest of the way.

Who here doesn't long for the days when Neuvirth was one of the better goalies in the league? Hard to believe it was only last year.

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