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Joel Rechlicz Wants A Piece Of Rene Bourque

Thanks to a midseason trade from the Calgary Flames to the Montreal Canadiens, the Washington Capitals will see villain Rene Bourque again on Friday. You may remember Bourque as the dude that knocked Nicklas Backstrom out of the lineup with a flagrant elbow one month ago. Luckily for Washington, its new AHL call-up, Joel Rechlicz, is a fighter himself. (Whether he can do other things at an NHL level is another matter for another time).

It appears Rechlicz is very much up to the challenge. Via our own Adam Vingan:

Often times, things get in the way of fights happening, like the other guy not wanting to fight. But Rechlicz wants Capitals fans to know that no obstacle is too great for him to plot revenge for his teammates. Via Stephen Whyno:

"If I've got to run a guy through the glass and force them to fight, that's what you've got to do."

Watch your back, Rene.