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NHL Trade Rumors 2012: Nicklas Backstrom Placed On Long-Term Injury Reserve, Enabling Team To Add Salary At Deadline

Nicklas Backstrom has been dealing with a concussion for quite a while now and on Monday the Capitals made a roster move which should help them acquire more talent before the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline.

According to Chase Hughes of CSN Washington, the deal will enable the Capitals to take on some more salary for the rest of the season, but would still enable Backstrom to return to the ice for the Playoffs.

The deal frees up cap space, around $7 million, the morning of the trade deadline and could be part of a corresponding move. Even if Backstrom is out for the rest of the regular season, he could return for the playoffs if the Capitals make it.

This move seems to indicate that the Capitals are trying to make a move that would add salary to their payroll. There would be no incentive to put him on this list unless they were intending to make a move. This makes the deadline coming up a lot more interesting for Capitals fans.

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