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NHL Trade Deadline: George McPhee On Dale Hunter's Future And Why He Didn't Make A Move

Only a few days past the deadline, Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee went on the radio with ESPN 980's The Sports Reporters. During that interview he talked about many topics that have been going through the minds of Capitals fans since the Capitals made no moves at the trade deadline. One of the biggest topics talked about was the future of Capitals head coach Dale Hunter

"Would you want him back next year?" Steve Czaban asked.

"Yes," McPhee answered immediately.

"I haven't said he's on a one-year deal, other people have. Nobody's ever known what our coach's deals were, because I've always been changing them mid-stream. But I like what Dale does because he keeps people accountable. If you want to play, you better play hard, you better play honest, and if you're out of the lineup, it's gonna be hard to get back in."

The Capitals have won their last three games and find themselves currently holding the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Even if the Capitals fail to make the playoffs this season, McPhee indicated in the interview that he is not planning on making significant moves in the offseason.

I wouldn't make big changes. You know, if we didn't have these injuries to two really important players, then I'd say boy this team isn't good enough. But our goal-tending going forward is gonna be good with the young guys we have, and we need these guys - the Greens, the Backstroms, the Ovechkins - these guys have to be healthy. I mean, if any team in this league loses guys like that for most of the year, you're gonna be scratching and clawing, and that's where we are.

The Capitals only have 19 games remaining on the schedule and stand three points behind the first place Florida Panthers in the Southeast Division.

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