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VIDEO: Matt Hendricks' Sick Shootout Goal Against The Islanders

Due to our longstanding opposition to the NHL using a shootout to settle tied games, we normally wouldn't post videos like this. However, we'll make an exception for Matt Hendricks because his shootout-winning goal against the New York Islanders was so deliciously awesome.

Before we go below the jump, we have to give some props to Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin in the CSN booth. For whatever reason, the two were possessed by the sillies for most of the night. (We assume being on Long Island does that to people). But they topped themselves here, first with Laughlin saying that Hendricks has "more moves than a barrel full of monkeys," and then by Beninati correctly predicting what move Hendricks would pull off.

Finally, before you enjoy the awesomeness of these moves, we must add one more note: It's Matt Hendricks! The guy embedded himself in the hearts and minds of most people by looking like this on HBO's "24/7." All of a sudden, he's looking like Mario Lemieux circa 1991 in a crucial shootout. My word.

Via (CSN Washington)