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VIDEO: The Fascinating Life Of An NHL Equipment Manager

No, the title of this post is not sarcastic. Let us explain.

Two of our favorite people in the D.C. sports media are Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson. Don't know them? Your loss. They're the talented twosome behind mediachameleon, a non-profit independent production company that produces audio documentaries, including "The Hockey Diaries." They've also covered two NHL Winter Classics in association with Sirius/XM NHL Home Ice and have produced numerous short features for NPR.

Because their type of work is more dependent on a higher level of access than most of the daily sports media, we feared a little for the future of "The Hockey Diaries" when Bruce Boudreau was replaced with the seemingly less gregarious Dale Hunter. As it turns out, we needn't have worried.

Not only is another edition of "The Hockey Diaries" set to premiere in September, but it seems that Gemma and Chris have moved into video. Below is an interview with Caps head equipment manager Brock Myles about the stresses of the NHL trade deadline on him and his compatriots. It's downright riveting stuff.

Video via Caps' site. Stick tap also to Mike Vogel for bring this to our attention via his blog.

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