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VIDEO: Dmitry Orlov's Misconduct Penalty And Jeff Skinner's Slewfoot

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. The NHL has determined that Skinner's action was a trip, not a slewfoot. We respectfully disagree.

In recent months, much of the NHL's law enforcement emphasis has been on getting headshots out of the game, with good reason. However, all hits to the head are not created equal. Some, like this hit by Detroit's Niklas Kronwall on Philadelphia's Jakub Voracek, are the unfortunate result of a collision with a player who puts himself in a dangerous position.(Seriously, son, keep your head up.)

Slewfoots, on the other hand, are unambiguous. They're just as likely to cause significant damage to a player's playing career as a hit to the head and are generally regarded as one of the most low-down dirty things a player can do.

That's why it's hard to blame Dmitry Orlov for going bananas during Tuesday night's Capitals-Hurricanes game after what Jeff Skinner did to him. The relevant piece of video is after the jump and starts at the :55 mark.

Let's see if George McPhee can convince Bredan Shanahan to take a look at this. Considering that Orlov is facing a three-game suspension for abuse of an official, it would be nice to see Skinner have to sit for that same amount of time.

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