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Mike Knuble Tweets Support For Verizon Center Sign Removal Victims

Back when we were something resembling beat writers, we had the chance to interact with Mike Knuble on a near-daily basis, and we always found him a reliable source for long, expansive quotes about whatever was on his mind.

Knuble has always been a popular shadow captain in the minds of many Caps fans due in large part to his professional, veteran demeanor, and it was doubtless with this in mind that the ones known as Sir Nathan and Sir Ryan (a.k.a. Knuble's Knights) showed up to Verizon Center Tuesday night with signs saying "Free Knuble" and "Scratch Hunter." (The winger has played just once since February 22.)

The two were asked to remove their signs from the players' line of vision, but not before they caught the eye of a very special someone.

That tweet was the winger's first since January 14. Knuble has previously expressed his displeasure with sitting out (for the record, he is an unrestricted free agent after this year), but this is the first time we can remember a somewhat disgruntled athlete supporting a grassroots movement to get him back in the lineup.

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