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VIDEO: Mike Green's Hit To Brett Connolly's Head

To get the full effect of this post, I'd ask you to read it in the Brendan Shanahan voice.

Thursday night in Washington, an incident occurred during the second period of the game between the Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Capitals defenseman Mike Green delivered a very high hit on Tampa Bay forward Brett Connolly after Dmitry Orlov had already pinned Connolly to the boards behind the net.

No penalty was called on the play. However, this would appear to be a violation of NHL Rule 48, which states:

A hit resulting in contact with an opponent's head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted.

OK, Shanahan gimmick over. Video's after the jump.

Judge for yourself. (via CSN Washington.)

Regardless of how hard (or if Shanahan comes down), this is an immensely foolish hit by Green. For one thing, Orlov has the play covered. For another, Green is a guy with an expansive concussion history. One would think, regardless of the speed of the game, that Green would think twice before hitting Connolly up high like that.

Any punishment for Green should be announced Friday.

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