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VIDEO: Cheesy Capitals Playoff Videos Are Cheesy, Awesome

We can all agree that one of the great tragedies of the internet era is the dearth of cheesy, awkward-looking, semi-serious official team hype videos.

Luckily for us all, YouTube exists, and Homer McFanboy has gone to some very deep, dark places to dig up some disturbing videos. And by disturbing, we mean awesome. Join us below the jump, will you?

We've covered this before, but it deserves a reposting: The 1989-90 Capitals team video, featuring CSN's Alan May pretending to play trumpet, any amount of microphone death grips and deer-in-the-headlight expressions, and a chorus so cheesy, Pizza Hut should use it to stuff their crusts.

On top of the world, on the edge of a dream/All that we hope for and more than a team/The Caps on the ice, the sirens will scream/The Capitals and you, more than a team.

But hey, at least that one had an original tune, which is more than we can say for the official 1990 Patrick Division championship reel. That one gave the world new lyrics to "Gonna Fly Now," which is fine, except for the fact that "Gonna Fly Now" is mostly instrumental and has about five lyrics.

And I'm sure it'll warm the hearts of all Capitals fans to know that Washington isn't the only city to fall for this craze. Take a gander at this video, produced by an actual TV station (WBZ in Boston) with the actual title "The Great 80s."