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VIDEO: CSN's Michael Jenkins Forms Bromance With Caps Mascot Slapshot

OK, we're pretty much tapped out. We've tried to break down this Capitals-Bruins series from every conceivable angle. We've looked at the players, the coaches, the former players, everyone who matters. And even after all that, we're still FIVE AND A HALF HOURS AWAY FROM PUCK DROP!!! GAAAAAAAHHH!!!

While we go find the genius at the NHL who made up this playoff schedule so we can throttle him mercilessly, enjoy this video of CSN's Michael Jenkins "interviewing" Capitals mascot Slapshot. Jenkins was already a favorite of ours for this "Coming to America"-style riff introducing Randy Wittman as Wizards coach, but he and Slapshot took it to another level here.

Watch and enjoy, because mascot-on-human violence is always fun. Mascot-on-human bromances, on the other hand, are at least a little bit disturbing, but it doesn't really matter. The Caps are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the defending Stanley Cup champions. Slapshot will need all the friends he can get.

Video via CSNWashington.